The Kennedy Center provided funds for Arts|Learning to develop this web-based arts advocacy toolkit. The result is a resource that builds on successful toolkits from around the country but is based on the unique needs of Massachusetts advocates. There are many ways to advocate for arts education on a local, state or national level. You can choose to act as an individual or organize a group to make a broader impact.

A|L utilizes the network approach to advocacy that draws upon the expertise of many to effectively implement change. Within this toolkit you will find recommendations on how you can benefit from this method but there is also a wealth of information for people who would like to take a more individual approach.

The keys to successful advocacy is staying informed and sharing information, identifying and articulating your ideas and actively seeking new audiences to share your message. It is our hope that both novice and expert advocates will find elements of this toolkit that will aid in your efforts.

We suggest a 5-step approach. Each step provides helpful hints, resources, and links.

1. Analyze and Clarify the Situation

2. Organize Your People

3. Organize Your Message

4. Implement Your Program

5. Continue the Support