The Arts|Learning’s Champions of Arts Education Awards honor individuals and organizations that have made exceptional contributions to arts education advocacy and continue to make strides toward the goal of high quality arts education for every student in Massachusetts.

From 1984 through to the present, the Champion of Arts Education Awards have recognized over 265 teachers and arts advocates in our schools and communities for their accomplishments educating students and for supporting arts education.  Arts|Learning continues this tradition of recognizing excellence in arts education programs and advocacy. Nominations may be submitted by any Massachusetts resident and current A|L members.  Self-nominations are encouraged.


Nominations are now open for our annual awards cycle.  Please note most awards have a deadline of May 15.  All nominations must be submitted digitally according to the directions in the Arts Education Nominations Packet.

Get the Current Nominations Packet and information here.

Get the Current Cover Pages and Narrative Form (required with each nomination).

Please note:  As a general rule, Arts|Learning does not award past award winners with the same award more than once.  This includes awardees who have received an award from our previous incarnations as the Massachusetts Alliance for Arts Education and the National Arts and Learning Collaborative.