A|L is proud to be the lead organization in a collaborative that is receiving three years of funding (2014-17) from the Americans for the Arts (AFTA) in the “State Policy Pilot Program” (SP3). Other partners include MASSCreative, The MA Cultural Council, the MA Dept of El and Sec Ed, the MA Board of Higher Ed, and the Boston Public Schools.

The Massachusetts SP3 team seeks to expand the work of Arts|Learning and MASSCreative on the “Arts for All” initiative to set a policy that would require one year of high school arts education as an admission criterion to the state’s public four-year universities. In addition, they hope to develop and implement a “Creativity and Innovation Index” to support creative and innovative learn opportunities across the curriculum, and support of the arts into STEM education. The team seeks to first work with the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Data and others to develop an overall policy action plan, before then overseeing the implementation of said plan through the partnership of Arts|Learning, MASSCreative, three major state education agencies, and the school district of Boston.

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