Vision Statement:

Arts|Learning envisions the arts as valued core academic subjects in MA public education.

Mission Statement:

Arts|Learning is a thought leader and change agent promoting arts education policies, practices and partnerships in MA public education, pre-K—college. A|L is a non-profit catalyst that accomplishes this mission through strategic objectives which

  • Re-imagines school/district models
  • Builds networks/alliances
  • Advocates for strong, sequential, curricular arts programs/integration
  • Facilitates school/higher education/arts organization partnerships
  • Provides P.D.
  • Convenes education leaders and arts experts to promote awareness, dialogue, and community

Arts|Learning Motto:

Learn the Arts—Learn through the Arts


Arts|Learning is the hub of arts education in Massachusetts.  We support the inclusion of a complete arts education (dance, media arts, music, drama/theatre, and visual arts) for every K-12 student in the Commonwealth. When the arts are at the center of the core curriculum, students develop the 21st-Century skills they need to lead fulfilled lives.

As a non-profit organization, A|L is the Massachusetts arts education alliance partnering with dozens of professional arts education organizations, cultural institutions, and public agencies to bring about changes in the way the arts are viewed and supported within public education.  We bring years of experience and acknowledged expertise to bear on arts education, programming, services, professional development for educators, and advocacy.