The School Arts Leader (SAL) Program is a collective impact collaboration which annually guides five to eight MA school principals or district leaders to forge sustainable, high-quality arts-education programs by actively directing a team of educators, parents, and community members to develop and implement arts-education school plans. The goal is to build & support systemic change in public K-12 schools so that all students can benefit from the vital role of drama-dance-media-music-art in a complete, balanced education. The plans may include sequential, in-school arts instruction; arts integration across all subject areas; and/or utilization of outside resources and institutions.

SAL offers the support and expertise needed to sustain powerful arts programming via concentrated professional development and sustained, on-site coaching and mentoring to the school leader and arts team. This approach is modeled after the highly successful similar programs in Washington state and California, where there is an eight-year track record of improving the quality and quantity of arts programs in participating schools, as well as a host of other academic, social, and community benefits to the schools.

We are happy to work with all different kinds of districts and schools, and are especially interested in working with schools and/or districts which have 50% or higher of low-income students and students who traditionally have less arts access and equity.

The strategic process employed by the arts team is also an ideal vehicle for schools wishing to incorporate the arts into their turn-around strategies for improving overall learning and academic success.