These films for Arts|Learning, Inc. are produced by Derek LeDoux from TQM Teleproductions and are funded by a generous grant from the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, D.C.

Enlivening the Senses: Arts|Learning at the Core of Education from Arts|Learning on Vimeo.
Closed-captioned version of Enlivening Our Senses: Arts|Learning at the Core of Education

Steve Seidel: In the Moment – Arts Access & Excellence from Arts|Learning on Vimeo.
Learn more about Steve Seidel
Learn more about Project Zero at Harvard University’s School of Education

Ellen Winner: Visual Art and Habits of Mind from Arts|Learning on Vimeo.
Learn more about Ellen Winner

Martin Gardiner: Kodály Music and Learning Readiness from Arts|Learning on Vimeo.

Thalia Goldstein: Developing Empathy Through Theatre from Arts|Learning on Vimeo.

Another great video:  Stage Matters, a 10-minute film by Threatre Communications Group.

Carving a Narrative in Pottery–Arts Assessment Unit, Grade 5 from Arts|Learning on Vimeo.

Digital Media Arts Assessment Webinar, Grade 8 from from Arts|Learning on Vimeo.

Check out Tom Chapin’s song, “Not on the Test” and the lyrics can be found here on Tom’s website.

Video about the impact of instrumental musical study.Much of this research is being done here in the Boston Area at the Music Neuroimaging Lab, a joint project between Harvard Medical School and the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, under the direction of Gottfried Schlaugh.